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History of quality

Abruzzo, the region on the Adriatic coast of Italy, is famous for its mild climate, warm sea and splendid mountainous landscape.

It is the land of fishermen, farmers and craftsmen, the land of traditions and innovations, where art meets technology, where excellent cuisine is perfectly complemented with the hospitality of the locals. Here in a small workshop three brothers, Francesco, Nazzareno and Abramo Tonelli, used their superb craftsmanship, creativity, and knowledge to create a factory that honors their parents.

Due to their hard work, artistic skills and dedication the Tonelli brothers manufacture handbags and leather accessories which are popular among fashionistas in Europe, America, Asia and Russia as well. It is their investment in technology as well as the qualified specialists they work with that have helped the Tonelli brothers to create their brand for the world fashion market. In 2002 the company emerged into a Xanthia holding and opened a footwear production company broadening their product market.

Before and after

The Tonelli brothers visited Moscow and were amazed by the beauty of Russian culture, art, and architecture. They were especially struck by the Russian women with their eagerness for elegance, beauty and practicality.

Together with a Russian distributor the brothers decided to create a new line of handbags and accessories “Francesco Marconi” oriented to the specifics of the Russian consumer.

Success story

It is almost impossible for a brand to gain consumer confidence in the market in the very beginning. But this young brand, FRANCESCO MARCONI has successfully managed to become popular in a short period of time.

FRANCESCO MARCONI handbags embody great quality and original design, which is liked by customers of all ages. The secret of their success is that the products are made with detailed attention to the leather and the brand founders’ desire to innovate.

FRANCESCO MARCONI collections are based on the most recent trends of the world fashion industry. The products combine the classics and sophistication of the runways of the world.